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Uniting for Ukrainians

Selfreliance Association plays a crucial role in the Uniting for Ukraine program, facilitating sponsorship for Ukrainian families seeking refuge in America. Amidst the crisis following Russia's invasion, over 7 million people, primarily women, children, and the elderly, have been displaced. Sponsors in the U.S. are essential for these families to start a new life, providing day-to-day support and helping them settle and integrate into American society.

Support Our Mission

Contribute to Selfreliance Association's Ukraine Aid Fund and play a pivotal role in empowering newcomers. Your tax-deductible donation helps provide vital resources and support to immigrants, aiding them in adapting to their new home. With several convenient payment methods available, donating is easy and impactful. Join us in our commitment to foster self-reliance and community integration.

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The Role of a sponsor

Becoming a sponsor is a profoundly neighborly act, where individuals in the U.S. extend their support to Ukrainian newcomers. Sponsors are pivotal in ensuring these families are warmly welcomed, assisting them in getting on their feet, and providing the necessary tools and information for starting anew in the U.S. Selfreliance Association is dedicated to connecting generous sponsors with Ukrainian families, fostering a supportive environment for these new residents.

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Ready to make a change?

Ready to make a meaningful impact? Register now to become a sponsor with the Selfreliance Association and help Ukrainian families feel welcome in the US. Your commitment can change lives, providing essential support and a welcoming community for those starting anew. Begin by filling out the form below or calling us at (773) 698-0013.